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New release!

"SEIRA-MASUO's Whimsical Gunpla Production

Notes in the Universal Century"

On sale now! (2024/5/15)

SEIRA-MASUO's Whimsical Gunpla Production Notes in the Universal Century

A Comprehensive Guide to the Unique Modeling Techniques of SEIRA-MASUO "Master of Details"

Enter the world of Seira Masuo's distinctive modeling techniques, known as "Masuo Detailing," in this in-depth guide that breaks down each element for a thorough understanding. Building on the foundation laid in the previous installment, this sequel focuses on practical applications, using Gundam models from the Universal Century franchise as canvases for original customization.
Prepare yourself for a treasure trove of knowledge that includes not only previously published Monthly Hobby Japan articles, but also exclusive new works created for this book and showcases of models not featured in the magazine. Don't miss this comprehensive guide to turning your models into masterpieces!

GUNDAM FORWARD - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED The Descending Sword

Revisit the world of the original Gundam SEED series!

This issue of Gundam Forward covers Mobile Suit Gundam SEED again. This issue dives deeper than ever before, featuring iconic Mobile Suits like the Freedom and Justice Gundams, the later GAT-X series, and hidden gems from the SEED MSV spin-off. Plus, we'll shed light on the long-awaited movie sequel, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM, in our opening segment!

SEIRA-MASUO’s Whimsical Gunpla Production Notes

Monthly Hobby Japan's Popular Modeler Publishes Gunpla Technique Book!

With this book, you will get an inside look at how Masuo creates his trademark "Masuo Details" for customizing Gunpla kits. He breaks down his process step-by-step across key areas - detailing up, paint arrangements, proportion modification, and more.

GUNDAM FORWARD - Mobile Suit Gundam: the Witch from Mercury Alea jacta est

Mobile Suit Gundam: the Witch from Mercury Special 2!
Spotlighting the intense duel battle scenes!

In this special edition, we dive deep into the mobile suit designs featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: the Witch from Mercury. We've got exclusive interviews with the mechanical design team who share their creative process and inspiration behind crafting these unique mechas. We also offer an in-depth exploration of the key duel scenes from the anime with custom-built mobile suits. We've included behind-the-scenes photos which reveal the intricate techniques and modifications that were employed to deliver heightened realism.

HJ MECHANICS - Zeon's Awesome War Machines

Covers a variety of military mechs from the Principality of Zeon!

The mechs of the Zeon military continue to captivate veteran Gundam fans. This book showcases the mobile suits that supported the Zeon military during the One Year War, using custom models created by professionals. It also includes some mobile armor, as well as mobile tanks, battle ships, and attack carriers.

Mobile Suit Gundam: the Witch from Mercury GUNPLA BEGINNER’S GUIDE 2

Enhance your Gunpla experience with this book!

The eagerly awaited sequel to the G-Witch Gunpla Guide has arrived! This all-encompassing guide compiles instructions for various G-Witch Gunpla in the 1/144 scale and the sought-after 1/100 FULL MECHANICS version of the Gundam Aerial. It systematically breaks down the essentials every beginner modeler needs to know.

GUNDAM FORWARD - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

An in-depth exploration of this beloved series, now with an upcoming movie adaptation!

This edition of Gundam Forward focuses on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, with its movie set to hit theaters this year. We'll provide an in-depth overview of the 2022 TV series and guide you through various building techniques from professional modelers. They'll be showcasing the Master Grade kits of the five original GAT-X mobile suits, including the show's main mech - the Strike Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam: the Witch from Mercury GUNPLA BEGINNER’S GUIDE

With this book in hand, let's build the Gunpla of The Witch from Mercury!

This guide will take you through the basic techniques required to build plastic models using the kits from the hugely popular Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. These tips are effective and easy-to-learn, even for those who are just starting out with Gunpla.

GUNDAM FORWARD - Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam!

In this issue of Gundam Forward, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, the final series in the Universal Century timeline to be adapted for animation. We take a nostalgic look back at the story and characters, and present you with a wealth of Gunpla created by professional modelers, recreating epic scenes from the anime.

GUNDAM WEAPONS - Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative Special Edition

GUNDAM WEAPONS, a leading series in the Gunpla boom, is finally releasing its English edition!

GUNDAM WEAPONS began publication in 1989 and is one of the longest-running series of books on Gunpla. This book is the first English edition of the series and features a special focus on "Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative". Along with numerous custom kits created by professional modelers, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the world of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. It is also an ideal resource for those who want to be inspired in their Gunpla creations.

GUNDAM FORWARD - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Step into the world of the latest Gundam TV series, the Witch from Mercury!

This issue highlights the Witch from Mercury, the latest Gundam TV series, and its appeal through commentaries, Gunpla introductions, and how-to articles on Gunpla construction, beginning with the HG Gundam Lfrith, the main suit in the Prologue. Furthermore, this issue contains valuable series information, such as setting images, character introductions, and detailed information on the mobile suits in the series. Exclusive interviews with the creators are also available. Don't miss out on these must-read articles, which are only available in this issue!

HJ MECHANICS ‐ Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Looking back at Char's Counterattack!, a timeless masterpiece!

Let's look back at the era of Char’s rebellion and explore the history of mobile suit design. Check out the memorable scenes from the movie, recreated with custom kits and dioramas from professional modelers.

GUNDAM FORWARD - New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Vol.2

More about the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz!

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, which was well received in the previous issue, is featured again in this issue. While the last issue focused on the custom kits of the main characters’ first five Gundams, we will now shift our attention to the mobile suits in the latter half of the story, such as the MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero on the cover and the MG Gundam Epyon. Immerse yourself in the world of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing!

GUNDAM FORWARD - New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Kindle Edition

Immerse yourself in the world of Gundam Wing!

This issue includes New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, an OVA from the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series. To commemorate the release of the latest kit, MG Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka, we built all five character’s Gundam units (early types) to show you!

Gunpla Super Tehcnique - Technical Guide for Awesome Mobile Suits Modeling

Creating "the Ultimate Custom Model" without restrictions.

Teppei Hayashi compiled all the articles from his popular magazine corner, "Teppei Hayashi's Technical Guide for Awesome Mobile Suits Modeling" in HJ Mechanics, into one book!

Ten Essential Techniques To Achieve Absolute Mastery of Gunpla

A 10-step easy-to-follow guide to everything about Gunpla modeling, using the “ENTRY GRADE 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam!”

This book guides you through practical Gunpla construction techniques introduction in a ten-step how-to format using the “ENTRY GRADE 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam,” the first Gunpla of the next generation, which is easy for anyone to assemble.

Gunpla Super Tehcnique - Technical Guide for Awesome Mobile Suits Modeling

Creating "the Ultimate Custom Model" without restrictions.

This volume focuses on HG models, which are cheaper and easier to test your skills on. This book offers various techniques, from standard modeling to famous professional modelers' crafting techniques with new articles. It even covers the illustration-style painting method, which is a hot topic on social media. Level up your weekend modeling life with this guidebook. Why don't you learn new techniques and make yourself a fantastic new Gunpla?

Gunpla Easy Custom Guide for Beginners to Intermediate

Get professional results on a budget, faster!

This book explains the Gunpla building techniques promoted by Rider Joe, a modeler active in Monthly Hobby Japan. His comprehensive methods offer cost-effective approaches that do not use expensive tools and will save you time. His techniques are easy enough for beginners to try. However, the finished kits look as if they were created with more advanced techniques.


The long-awaited sequel to Nomoken extra edition!

A perfect manual for Gunpla modelers who want to reach the next level! Whether you're just aiming for a straight build or you want to turn a Gunpla into your own piece of art, this book is for you.
Professional modeler Ken-ichi Nomoto explains painting techniques that make use of brushes, markers and airbrushing, as well as kit modifications from simple detailing to more complex techniques such as joint modding and changing the proportions.


Gundam Forward: “Relaying the forefront of Gundam”

Over than five years after the first broadcast of the series, Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED Orphans doesn't stop growing! We will look back on the past while thoroughly reviewing and assembling the latest Gunpla, the HG Gundam Hajiroboshi, from the spin-off Urdr-Hunt. We bring you amazing custom models by our top modelers, as well as tools and materials that come in handy when building your Gunpla!

Highly recommended read for Gunpla modelers and anime fans who love the series!


HJ Mechanics: a hobby magazine for mech lovers!

This book delves deep into mechs, focusing on models and toys for an older audience.
The charm of robots and other mechs is explored from various angles with custom builds by skilled modelers, reviews of hobby items and product recommendations, official concept materials, machine descriptions, developer interviews and more.


The ultimate guide to building cool Gunpla over the weekend!

The popular tutorial series on easy finishes published in Monthly Hobby Japan has been turned into a book, together with new how-tos and custom models!
Detailed step-by-step guides will teach you easy techniques to finish your model making use of the mold color. You'll be able to build cool Gunpla even if you only have time on the weekend!

NOMOKEN extra edition - Handbook of Gunpla Modeling

The first official English Gunpla modeling manual!

This book covers the full process of building Gunpla, from the very basics to more advanced techniques to make your model look cooler.

Whether you are a beginner about to build your first kit or you are looking to take your technique one step further, you will find plenty of useful tips and step-by-step tutorials to suit your needs.

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