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The ultimate guide to building cool Gunpla over the weekend!


The popular tutorial series on easy finishes published in Monthly Hobby Japan has been turned into a book, together with new how-tos and custom models!

Detailed step-by-step guides will teach you easy techniques to finish your model making use of the mold color.

You'll be able to build cool Gunpla even if you only have time on the weekend!


Too busy? No time to build Gunpla? This guide is for you!

You’d like to build Gunpla, but think that it looks too difficult? Or maybe you used to build them in the past, but now you don’t have time and it’s a miracle if you can even fnish assembling them? Don’t worry!  This manual is filled with super techniques that will help you to finish your Gunpla in a short time making use of the mold color, so that you can enjoy modeling to your heart’s content.

Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: 概要
Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: About

The three conditions of an "easy finish":

3. No expensive tools or
    materials needed!

No need to buy expensive tools. In some cases, items that you use in your everyday life can help you finish your model.

Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: Highlights

1. Use the mold color and  only paint some parts!

Believe it or not, the picture on the right shows the model on the left finished using the mold color!


2. Work on Gunpla a maximum of two days a week!

Even if the kit has a complex structure, you can still finish it on the weekend and make it look good.

New articles created for the book

The book features three brand-new tutorials. The articles that were originally published in Monthly Hobby Japan are also included in a definitive version with extra pages!


RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.Ka

 (Seira-Masuo style easy detailing)


MG Second
V-Dash Gundam (Kitbashing)


 RE/100 Hamma-Hamma

(Rider Joe Style hard weathering)

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