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Create "the Ultimate Custom Model" without restrictions"

Gunpla Super Technique: Technical Guide for Awesome Mobile Suits Modeling

Creating "the Ultimate Custom Model" without restrictions." Under this theme, Teppei Hayashi compiled all the articles from his popular magazine corner, "Teppei Hayashi's Technical Guide for Awesome Mobile Suits Modeling" in HJ Mechanics, into one book!


Ultimate Guide For Awesome Gunpla Modeling!

This book features nine articles in the series, with newly added articles with more pages! This ultimate Gunpla guide will take you through "super-class techniques" using awesome custom kits. Moreover, unique columns by the author himself will give you a deep insight into his ingenuity when creating a Gunpla!

Table of Contents

 ・Tools and materials for high-level Gunpla production
・The History of Gunpla Techniques
・Creating the ZZ Gundam Ground Type using junk parts from scale models for decoration
・How to win a high-ranking prize in a model contest?

      GBWC and All Japan Olazaku Championships
・Refining the MSA-0120 in the "Gundam UC" style
・Evaluation Standards for Gunpla Works
・Reproducing the legendary custom kit "Stream Base Oda's 06R-2" with the latest materials
・Exploring the possibilities of the mold color finish with the worst model kit for painting

     —the RG Unicorn Gundam
・Recreating the  Kondo MS, the pinnacle of the military MS using traditional methods!
・Observational skills are the most important factor in creating works of art. Enhance your

     observation skills to the maximum!
・Build a super-voluminous Makoto Kobayashi version of The-O using no plastic model parts,

     but with a-dollar store products! Summer Vacation Craft Modeling project for adults!
・Making Storage Boxes for Large Fixed Models
・On correlation between the popularity of a MS and the work based on it 
・Extra Chapter: Creating the “Ultimate Gunpla of My Dream” with all my heart and soul,

     without time, budget, and effort limits!
・Ten Principles to Absolutely Get Better at Gunpla making Revised Ver.

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