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Monthly Hobby Japan's Popular Modeler Publishes Gunpla Technique Book!

SEIRA-MASUO's Whimsical Gunpla Produciton Notes

Respected modeler SEIRA-MASUO, known for his incredible attention to detail, is releasing a book on his unique Gunpla modeling techniques. Titled "SEIRA-MASUO's Whimsical Gunpla Creation Journal," this book compiles his popular modeling column from Monthly Hobby Japan magazine.

Fans will get an inside look at how Masuo creates his trademark "Masuo Details" for customizing Gunpla kits. He breaks down his process step-by-step across key areas - detailing up, paint arrangements, proportion modification, and more.


Make incredible Gulpa without any hassle!

The book goes beyond the magazine articles to also feature specially-made new sample models, a peek at Masuo's go-to tools and materials, and unpublished works. Whether you're a beginning Gunpla builder or seasoned expert, you'll pick up tips to take your models to the next level.

Join SEIRA-MASUO as he shares the ingenious techniques behind his unique style! Discover hassle-free customization methods that make Gunpla look their best without complexity or fuss. This is a must-have guide for all Gunpla enthusiasts.

Table of Contents

・Introducing the production setup, including the tools and materials for whimsical construction methods
・Let's start with an introduction to the fundamentals of “Masuo Detailing”
・SEIRA-MASUO’s Whimsical Gunpla Production Notes 16 Enhancing detail using the kit’s mold colors
・Brush painting with water-based acrylic paint
・Changing proportions while keeping the kit’s mold color 46 Review of techniques covered so far
・Customization using parts from other kits 70 Kit-bashing using two kits
・Finish it the way you like it!

・SEIRA-MASUO’s Whimsical Gunpla Production Notes Gallery of finished works

・ MS-14JG Shin Matsunaga’s Gelgoog J (HJ Original Ver.)
・AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra (HJ Original Ver.)
・GNX-803T Jinx IV (mass-produced unit) (HJ Original Ver.)
・XXX-01W Wing Gundam (HJ Original Ver.)
・OZ-06MS Leo (Full Weapon Set) & OZ-06MS Leo (Space Specification) (HJ Original Vers.)

・Hobby Japan Modeler's SEIRA-MASUO Colleciton
・Publication Info

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