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Build cool Gunpla quickly and inexpensively!

Gunpla Easy Custom Guide for Beginners to Intermediate

A manual of simple but effective techniques to build Gunpla at home with limited time and resources! Rider Joe, the author who developed these techniques, is an ordinary father who got into Gunpla, fell in love with them, and eventually became a professional modeler.


Get professional results on a budget, faster!

This book explains the Gunpla building techniques developed by Rider Joe, a modeler active on Monthly Hobby Japan. His comprehensive methods offer

cost-effective approaches that use inexpensive tools and will save you time. His techniques are easy enough for beginners to try, yet the finished kits will look as if they were created with more advanced methods.

In this book, he explains the basics and applications of his techniques in detail using Gunpla models, including many he built himself. This book is great not only for beginners who pick up Gunpla for the first time but also for Gunpla modelers who struggle to find time to complete their models.

Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: 概要


Rider Joe

He was born in 1969 in Higashi Osaka, a town of craftsmanship.

He usually works with 3D printers, 3D scanners, machine tools in CAD/CAM and other cutting-edge 3D tools, but when it comes to building plastic models, he insists on "handmade," perhaps as a response to his usual work. He is an ordinary father who strives to produce cool and attractive works at low cost (with everyday tools) and by cutting corners (with the least amount of work). When inspiration strikes, he builds completely from scratch using plastic plates, epoxy putty, and tools he bought at the dollar store. His sons live on their own now, and he is busy everyday living with his wife while being comforted by his black cat Rin and white cat Yuki.


From basic to advanced techniques to assemble and finish your Gunpla!

Chapter 1:
The Basics of the Easy Gunpla Custom

The basics of "Easy" techniques. Make the most of their great potential to create your own unique work with little effort!


Chapter 2: Easy Painting Challenge

How Easy Customs can be improved with painting!

Chapter 3: Easy Finish Archives

Have a look at the techniques introduced so far and how they have been applied.


Chapter 4: Easy Scratch Building

If your favorite mobile suit is not already available as a kit, you have to create it yourself!

Rider Joe's scratch-building techniques, revealed!

Chapter 5: Rider Joe Early Works

Explore the origins of the "Easy Custom" with a recollection of the early days narrated by Rider Joe himself.



Many beautiful custom builds by the author. As they are created using the techniques introduced in the chapters, you can use them as a reference for your own Gunpla!

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