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The long-awaited sequel to 
Nomoken extra edition!

NOMOKEN3 Complete Guide to Gunpla Building

A perfect manual for Gunpla modelers who want to reach the next level! Whether you're just aiming for a straight build or you want to turn a Gunpla into your own piece of art, this book is for you.

Improve your Gunpla building technique!

Professional modeler Ken-ichi Nomoto explains painting techniques that make use of brushes, markers and airbrushing, as well as kit modifications from simple detailing to more complex techniques such as joint modding and changing the proportions. In addition, the book contains useful knowledge and advice for assembling resin kits, scratch building, handling complete models, posing them and taking pictures of them.
Recommended to anyone who wants to master Gunpla building!

1. Catalog of tools & supplies
2. Marker & brush techniques
3. Modding techniques to level up
4. Airbrushing techniques
5. Kit modding techniques
6. Scratch building
7. Handling complete models


Ken-ichi Nomoto

Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: 概要
Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: About


Born in Niigata prefecture in 1967. Job: modeler. Besides working in the creation of wooden molds and prototypes for plastic models and garage kits, he writes articles a bout model building for modeling magazines. “Monthly Hobby Japan” featured one of his custom models for the first time in 1 986.
Afterwards, he kept on creating character models, scale models and many other works of different genres, as well as tutorials.

He has published the books “NOMOKEN Ken-ichi Nomoto Modeling Lab,” “NOMOKEN 2 L et’s B uild Plastic Models,” “NOMOKEN extra edition HANDBOOK OF GUNPLA MODELING”. “NOMOKEN extra edition” is also available
in English as an ebook


From basic to advanced techniques to assemble and finish your Gunpla!

1)  Catalog of tools & supplies


Introduction of tools to assemble, modify and paint Gunpla kits.


2) Marker & brush techniques

Lots of painting techniques to do a great job even without an airbrush.

3) Modding techniques to level up

Modding techniques explained in detail to reach the next level


4) Airbrushing techniques

Plenty of airbrushing techniques to obtain different finishes.

5) Kit modding techniques

Modding techniques to customize a model and make it your own.


6) Scratch building

Creating something from scratch: this is NOMOKEN at his best.

7) Handling complete models

How to pose, display and photograph completed Gunpla.



Throughout the book you will also be able to see many beautiful custom builds by the author. As they are created using the techniques introduced in the chapters, you can use them as a reference for your own Gunpla!

Nomoken extra edition HANDBOOK OF "GUNPLA" MODELING: Highlights
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