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Gear up for the next level of Gunpla customization!

SEIRA-MASUO's Whimsical Gunpla Produciton Notes in the Universal Century

This is the second volume of SEIRA-MASUO's popular Gunpla guide, "Whimsical Gunpla Production Notes." Dive into his expert techniques and learn how to create unique custom models from Universal Century mobile suits, the most iconic era in the Gundam universe.
The book compiles all 12 issues of his articles from Hobby Japan magazine, along with a brand new model exclusive to this volume. SEIRA-MASUO also shares his fundamental modeling methods and showcases a selection of his impressive custom creations from Hobby Japan magazine.


Customizing Gundam Models with SEIRA-MASUO's Signature Styles

SEIRA-MASUO, with his unique techniques, stands out among modelers featurered in Hobby Japan Magazine. This book delves into his signature "Masuo Detailing" style, along with his painting and proportion modification techniques, all used to customize models based on Universal Century Gundams.
He also explains how to create original models. He freely interprets the given theme, showcasing his "Masuo Theory" in a clear and accessible manner.

Table of Contents

・Explanation of my whimsical crafting techniques (on-site edition)
・SEIRA-MASUO’s Whimsical Gundam Production Notes in the Universal Century
・Customizing using only the kit’s runners
・Customizing with parts from other kits
・Drastic proportion change using runners
・Transform into a heavily armed ver. with parts from other kits
・Simple aesthetic transformation using commercial plastic sheets

・Unrestrained cumulative modeling

・Use the kit’s benefits to customize it your way with less effort

・SEIRA-MASUO’s Whimsical Gunpla Production Notes Gallery of finished works

・MSN-02 Zeong Ver.W.G.P.N.
・RGM-79N GM Custom Ver.W.G.P.N.
・RGM-79SP GM Sniper II Ver.W.G.P.N
・MSK-008 Dijeh Ver.W.G.P.N.

・Publication Info

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